Interior Design Trends for 2017 – what’s in and what’s out?

Just invested in that copper lamp? You may not want to read this! This may please some people and not others, as social media and information-overload via the internet speeds up ever-changing fashion and trends faster than ever before. It seems that by the time you’ve decided to commit to ‘that living room wall colour’ or ‘that lamp’ it’s old news. Perhaps by predicting the 2017 trends early enough, we can make good investments now. Saying that, I will also stress that whilst it’s fun and inspiring to think about what’s happening next; for those of you who love your homes the way they are, or are still convinced by what is apparently yesterday’s wall colour, I say, ‘if you love it, then that’s all that matters’.
Right, now you can read on…

What’s in?


Natural Wood

NATURAL WOOD – the Scandi style will continue to be popular in light-filled clear spaces. The earthy tones of natural wood look stunning on those well-designed statement pieces of furniture. Other natural textures also likely to make an appearance in some form are fur, wool, paper, hides and cork (think of having an entire wall in your office as a cork board rather than 1970s cork tiles!


TERRACOTTA – not so much the heavy rustic type, but a more modern matte-finish terracotta tile could any be popular as a feature wall,fireplace or flooring to add some earthy warmth to a crisp modern room.

Photo credit Anita Bilkey Interior Designer




Dark Green


DARK GREEN – bit of a curve-ball this one.

With the popularity of navy and dark blue, dark green will see a resurgence as an alternative. Think a wintery Nordic backdrop in a crisp, modern room achieved a dark green velvet sofa, dark green walls, or perhaps simply the use of green pot-plants.¬†Alternatively, and for the older character room, see the ‘future past’ collection by Dulux of moody period colours, and Incyra Blue from Farrow & Ball which is a stunning dark ‘green-blue’.





Whilst we’re on the subject of colours, some hues making a comeback next year will be grey (yes, still! But better mixed with some of the following…) beige, off-white, yellow, walnut, light pink and brown.

What’s out?

COPPER – yup, copper is beautiful, but with cheap imitations flooding the market, it seems that copper isn’t so cool any more. Black steel and burnt metals will be the next thing… Goodbye copper lamps!

METRO TILES – they’re everywhere now – bars, restaurants, Homebase showrooms. They have therefore become the standard instead of the alternative.

NAVY BLUE – due to over-saturation, I’m going to be terribly controversial here and say that Navy will in 2017 have had its day (yes, sorry Dulux, I disagree that ‘Denim Drift’ will be 2017s colour)!

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