Arsenic for my 10 year old?

So I’ve given in and decided that I will paint my 10-year-old son’s bedroom.

It was the best room in the house when we moved in a year ago and now that I’ve (almost) decorated every other room, it doesn’t look quite as good in comparison (and yes, I do say so myself).


Before (ignore the abundance of cuddly toys!)

So, outcome the Farrow & Ball colour charts. I’ll be safe with these, I tell myself, it can’t go wrong with the delightfully tasteful Farrow & Ball chart that I know and love. That is until he tells me that he wants his room painted in Arsenic. Hmm, I say, that’s a bit bright isn’t it, how about we tone it down a bit and go a bit more blue or a bit more green and less, err… bright? Nope. He wants an Arsenic bedroom and reminds me that I did actually say that (for the first time in his 10 years) he is allowed to choose the colour. And it seems, he doesn’t want or need my advice. In case you don’t know, Arsenic is a bold turquoise colour. Lovely in the right room and done in the right way…

My next challenge is how to apply this colour to his bedroom in the most tasteful way I can… As his bedroom is a decent size and includes interesting features such as cornicing and shutters and a fireplace etc.., I try to think of ways I can break the colour up a bit. After some thought, I persuade him to add elements of ‘Dove Tail’, and even a flash of the fun ‘Churlish Green’. To my surprise, he seems up for this so off we go to buy the paint.

Now, usually I avoid adding small tester areas of paint onto walls as small areas of colour look completely different to larger areas. I really ought to get familiar with the new App I’ve heard about (Dulux Visualiser) which can put your colour of choice onto a photo of your wall/door or whatever you want to paint.



Anyway, both of us freaked a bit on assessing the small areas of colour on the wall and suffice it to say, we wussed out on the Churlish Green. We did however, stick to the other two colours and, with a Wevet Ceiling (almost white but with a warm purplish tinge), we painted the ceiling, cornicing, picture rail, and brought the ceiling colour part-way down the wall. This meant that slightly less Arsenic paint was used and it gave the room (weirdly) a traditional look with a contemporary spin. It is also fun. Even my 10-year-old thinks so.

What do you think?


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