Old House, New Kitchen??

I’m sure this is a common dilemma; I live in a Georgian house with many original features. When replacing the kitchen do we go modern or chose a more traditional look? Having given this a lot of thought, I don’t think there’s a clear answer, My kitchen has an odd layout, in that although it’s quite a big room, there are only two walls that are really useable for the units. This adds further issues! Our Georgian kitchen only really has a corner cupboard and some architrave around the window which are original features, but over the years, sadly, everything else has gone. Therefore this muddies my thought process still further..

Having browsed many an image of kitchens in old houses, I’m actually thinking that I quite like modern fitted units look great in old houses where the room retains lots of old features like cornicing, architraves, flooring and fireplaces. etc… and kitchens in old houses with no real features left almost benefit from the nod-to the past with freestanding, wooden units – an older feel of ‘furniture’ in the kitchen. I like the contrast. However, if going modern, the quality is really important, whereas with an older freestanding kitchen, its easier to pick up items second hand for a fraction of the price. There’s also the added bonus of being able to re-paint the units and repair them over time. They don’t date, whereas ‘modern’ kitchens will always date, such as the nature of ‘modern’!

For me, I’m going freestanding secondhand. I shall be scouring preloved units on eBay from the likes of deVol, Smallbone, Fired Earth etc.. Should save myself a small fortune I reckon! So, I feel as though I should share some images which help to show what I mean! What do you think?

Islington Flat Refurbishment scandinavian-kitchen


Grade II Georgian Town House traditional-kitchen

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