We are picture-mad in my house; we have too many prints, paintings and ‘finds’ to physically put on the walls, and yet we can’t resist a nice bit of art if we stumble across it!

I love art on walls because it is a very accessible and inexpensive way to add some of your own personality into a room. An equally brave decision is not to have any artwork up in a room at all – perhaps to keep focus on other features like intricate cornicing, or a display of ornaments. Either way, as long as there has been a thought process, then it can be a very revealing design feature.

Good prints are so affordable now, and coupling a nice print with a charity shop frame is a great Ida to keep costs down and make the picture more bespoke. If you buy a bigger frame than you need, you could always pay the relatively small fee to get a mount cut to then fit your frame. Car boots sales are also great for finding interesting art and obscure vintage objects to hang on wall – be creative, rugs can be hung on walls to add texture and warmth, a vintage wooden puppet could be strung-up, a vintage wooden cabinet could be hung up (above head height to minimise injury) with the door open to reveal some fun objects you may have found in a flea market – a pineapple ice-bucket or a toilet-roll dolly with a big dress on.. Try hanging prints from bulldog clips or even coat hangers or perhaps just rest them on shelves?


So, with all these pictures, mirrors, plates and other objects destined to be wall-hung, the question is then : how to hang them and make the best of them as well as the room itself. Well, grouping either the same sized picture frames in neat rows and columns works well, or for a group of odd shaped ones grouping them in a random formation works well. Perhaps rebelling away from convention but placing a small picture on a large expanse of wall and a large one filling a small wall area.. Basically, it’s about getting creative. Here are some photos I have found for inspiration…


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