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    The Island Table

    I have become fed up with struggling with the lack of worktop space in my kitchen. I’ve begun to feel envy when visiting those friends who, in their kitchens, seem to have enough space to chop up ingredients AND lay plates out to dish-up food on! I get into such a mess by the time dinner is served.
    Saying this though, I am aware I’m not the only one suffering from this particular kitchen issue. Even large kitchens can suffer when it comes to worktop space; be it a fireplace, a large window along one wall, a staircase, many, often necessary things can obstruct the perimeter you so desperately need to stick some worktop along!
    I may have found a solution though, having spent ages trying to convince myself that we have the room for a kitchen island (and the 90cm space around it you apparently need) as well as a dining table.

    I have drawn scale drawing after scale drawing and played around with the space until every possible option is exhausted… And then I discover the ISLAND TABLE. “The what?” I hear you ask. Yup, the island table. It’s a table and it’s an island. What’s not too like?


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    Having done some research, you can have them looking more like dining tables (often wood, no storage under but higher legs, bar-stool-height chairs with backs on them more resemble dining chairs… OR you can have them more like islands that happen to double-up as a table (they may have a more work-top surface like marble to chop on, storage under but with the top protruding to make way for seating under).. The options are endless.

    There are some options on the market, even eBay threw up quite a few, but there’s also scope to make your own – perhaps buying a wooden dining table that’s just the right height, but adding 6″ to the leg height.


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