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    Would you trust your child to redesign your home?

    Interesting article from The Independent;

    “Honestly, all we were going to do was take one wall down. That’s how it started. But after that, we decided to do everything.”

    When you have an interior designer in the family, embarking on a small home improvement can snowball, as Penny Lent discovered. With the help of her daughter, Tiffany Duggan of Studio Duggan, Lent is now the proud owner of a home that is almost unrecognisable from its previous incarnation, and she has even purchased the house next door to knock through.

    Lent probably wouldn’t have undertaken such a large project – which included taking the aforementioned wall down to merge her kitchen and dining area, as well as a complete refurbishment throughout – without her daughter’s help. “I probably could have put something together myself, but it would be nothing like as stylish,” she says. “But I had complete trust in Tiffany. I love it.”

    The sun room by Alex Sykes of Designscape

    The sun room by Alex Sykes of Designscape

    In Lent’s case, it was the death of her husband two and a half years ago that prompted the makeover. Duggan realised that she could turn her day job into an act of love: “Since Dad died I wanted to make sure that Mum could have somewhere she felt really comfortable, that was really hers. A space that made her feel uplifted.”

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