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Interior designers (and everyone who’s into interior design) will know that inspiration can come from anywhere. There are cross-overs with many other art forms. This is why I feel the need to write a bit about an art exhibition which recently inspired me. 

I love it when you have that connection with something that leaves you feeling buzzy and excited. For me it was a visit to the Andelli Art Gallery nr Wells not far from me in Frome. The art gallery itself is an inspiration and is housed at the beautiful home of the multi-talented art collector and curator Ellie Jones. What could have felt awkward, going to a gallery in someone’s home, was quite the opposite. Ellie is warm, inviting and full of knowledge, and a walk around her home to see her own art collection was inspiring enough, but then to see the exhibition in the attached gallery space too was a real treat. 


Seeing Nicky Knowles’ paintings, drawings and collages all in one space is spine-tinglingly awesome. Her mixed-media art is intuitive and as such, the colours (mostly monochrome but with subtle injections of colour) marks and forms result in wonderfully balanced and purposeful images. Nicky’s work is striking, and whilst there is a hint of mid century influences, her work is very unique to her. I was struck by how good these stylish pieces would look in a beautifully designed monochrome room (light or dark walls, but they would have most impact on a darker wall). These pieces are becoming increasingly popular – icons of the future, so I would recommend you go along to see her work when you can. 

Unfortunately the exhibition at Andelli Art finished yesterday, but 2 large pieces of Nicky’s work are currently on show in Bristol at The annual RWA Open Exhibitionuntil 27 November 2016, and her work is often shown in London.


Artist Nicky Knowles

Andelli Art’s next exhibition, Unwrapped, (from 28th Nov 2016) will be brimming with 20th Century and contemporary art, and vintage and contemporary jewellery.

Unwrapped features artists Malcolm Ashman, Sue Conrad, Christian Furr and others… 


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